Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Sedona Arizona
  Permanent Cosmetics is the process of implanting pigment under the skin surface.  Specially formulated pigments are used to ensure safe permanent makeup application.  Common procedures of permanent makeup include eyeliner, lip color, and eyebrows.  More advanced techniques might include scar camouflaging and areola pigmentation. Below are the procedures performed at Chérie Terry's Permanent Cosmetics in Sedona, AZ:  
    Brows frame the face and can enhance a person's by giving the appearance of an uplifted and refreshed look.  Natural hairstroke techniques ensure a natural looking brow. Pigment color is chosen to compliment the hair and skin's natural tone.

    Individual dots of pigment can be applied to give the illusion of longer and fuller lashes.  Additionally, a darker eyeliner gives a more dramatic appearance.  A variety of color pigments are available according to an individuals preference.

    Lipliner can hide imperfections in the lipline, and give definition - along with full lip color which makes the lips appear fuller and more youthful.

    Can disguise imperfections due to physical injuries, surgery, or burns. Permanent makeup is perfect for a person suffering from alopecia and vitiligo. Matching the skin tone of the surrounding area can greatly camouflage the affected scar area.

    For breast cancer survivors that have had breast reconstructive surgery and want a natural looking areola-nipple.
Providing permanent cosmetic makeup to clients in Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix and surrounding areas in Arizona